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KPMG Vietnam

Today, with over 1,000 professionals, KPMG is one of the largest professional services firms in Vietnam with a balanced mix of international and local clients.

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Why KPMG Vietnam?

Overview: KPMG operates as an
international network of member firms offering audit, tax, legal and advisory

KPMG has been in Vietnam since 1994. We work closely with clients, help them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.

Our clients include business corporations, governments and public sector
agencies and not-for-profit organizations. They look to KPMG for a consistent
standard of service based on high order professional capabilities, industry
insight and local knowledge.

About KPMG in Vietnam: KPMG has been in
Vietnam since 1994 with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and recently in
Thanh Hoa and Da Nang.

KPMG is recognised by the Ministry of Finance and VACPA as the leading audit
firm in Vietnam in terms of revenue, number of clients and number of qualified

Today, with over 1,000 professionals, KPMG is one of the largest
professional services firms in Vietnam with a balanced mix of international and
local clients.

About KPMG Global: KPMG operates as a
global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory
services; working closely with clients, helping them to mitigate risks and
grasp opportunities.

Member firms'
clients include business corporations, governments and public sector agencies
and not-for-profit organizations. They look to KPMG for a consistent standard
of service based on high order professional capabilities, industry insight and
local knowledge.

member firms can be found in 155 countries. Collectively they employ more than
174,000 people across a range of disciplines.

and enhancing the quality of this professional workforce is KPMG's primary
objective. Wherever we operate we want our firms to be no less than the
professional employers of choice.

contribute to the effective functioning of international capital markets. We
support reforms that strengthen the markets' credibility and their social
responsibility. We believe that similar reform must extend to the professional

Principal founding members

were four key figures in the formation of KPMG. They are the founding members
of the present organization.

  • Klynveld
    - Piet Klynveld founded the accounting firm Klynveld Kraayenhof & Co
    in Amsterdam in 1917.
  • Peat -
    William Barclay Peat founded the accounting firm Peat & Co in London.
  • Marwick -
    James Marwick established the accounting firm Marwick, Mitchell & Co
    in New York City in 1897.
  • Goerdeler -
    Dr. Reinhard Goerdeler was the first president of the International
    Federation of Accountants and a chairman of KMG. He is credited with
    laying the foundations of the Klynveld Main Goerdeler merger.


structure is designed to support consistency of service quality and adherence
to agreed values wherever in the world our member firms operate.

services are provided by KPMG member firms or by other independent firms
licensed by member firms to use the KPMG name. Each KPMG firm is separate and
legally distinct. KPMG International does not provide services to clients.

firms are located in 155 countries. Collectively, they employ more than
174,000 people.

member firms commit themselves to a common set of KPMG values. Firms must abide
quality standards governing how they operate and how they provide services to
clients. Other firms, licensed by member firms to use the KPMG name, must also
abide by these standards.

member firm takes responsibility for its management and the quality of its
work. Partners and professionals within those firms undertake to act with
integrity at all times.

otherwise indicated, references in this website to a 'member firm' or 'member
firms' includes references to member firms of KPMG International, other firms licensed
by them to use the KPMG name and, in each case, firms controlled by them.

At the core of KPMG's vibrant culture are a set
of values that bring out the best in our people.

KPMG operate in demanding conditions, with
unprecedented scrutiny of our profession, and constant developments in
regulation, law and market demands. Our reputation is created by the way the
people within our firms respond to these conditions, and how they act with
clients, with colleagues, and with their communities.

Our culture: The KPMG culture is rooted
in our values. Our integrity and policy of open and honest communication builds
trust and collaboration, while our flexibility and diversity creates a culture
in which people share knowledge freely, bringing out the very best in each
other. Asked why they choose to work with KPMG member firms, many clients talk
about our high level of professional ethics, our loyalty and our

+ Our culture extends beyond good business
practice. We are also recognized for the efforts we make to alleviate poverty,
support education and protect the environment around the world. KPMG member
firms work diligently with other companies, governments and non-government
organizations to address these problems and make a positive difference in
peoples’ health, welfare and prosperity.

+ Our employees benefit from this forward-thinking
approach. A critical element of KPMG’s vision is to be recognized as ‘employers
of choice’ — to recruit, retain and develop the very best people.

+ This allows our people to flourish both as
professionals and as individuals — to enjoy a challenging career and get the
most from their personal lives. They do so knowing that they are part of a responsible
and positive culture that extends beyond them into the greater business, social
and natural environment.

Our Values:Our values create a sense of shared identity
within the KPMG organization, which is a network of member firms in
over 155 countries. They define what we stand for and how we do things.

+ Our values help us to work together in the most
effective and fulfilling way. They bring us closer as a global organization.

1. We
lead by example

At all levels we act in a way that exemplifies
what we expect of each other and our member firms' clients

2. We
work together

We bring out the best in each other and create
strong and successful working relationships.

3. We
respect the individual

We respect people for who they are and for their
knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members.

4. We
seek the facts and provide insight

By challenging assumptions and pursuing facts, we
strengthen our reputation as trusted and objective business advisers.

5. We
are open and honest in our communication

We share information, insight and advice
frequently and constructively and manage tough situations with courage and

6. We
are committed to our communities

We act as responsible corporate citizens by
broadening our skills, experience and perspectives through work in our
communities and protecting the environment.

7. Above
all, we act with integrity

We are constantly striving to uphold the highest
professional standards, provide sound advice and rigorously maintain our

Quality, clients, innovation, talentand community. Focusing on these with passion, purpose and perspective has a measurable impact for our clients, our people and the world.

- Focusing on audit quality : KPMG has taken an active role in expanding the dialogue related to
audit and corporate reporting with the Value of Audit round table series.

- Value of Audit: KPMG is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving global tax landscape.

- Tax Transparency: Tax transparency and responsibility have remained at the forefront of public policy, media and business discussion over the past year. The level of interest in, and scrutiny of, professional tax advice has never been greater and the pace of tax regulatory and legislative change around the world stands at an unprecedented level. We believe we have an important role to play in tax policy discussions, sharing our expertise and insights, and helping to create well- considered policy decisions.

- Innovation to results

Every business and every industry is facing disruptive forces – from shifting customer demand to globalization, technology and new competition.

“The phrase we increasingly hear from clients is ‘continual transformation’…they need an advisor  that can help with strategic direction all the way through execution and implementation.”

- Innovating for value:

D&A – turning data into insights, into value

Cyber security:bringing new capabilities

Regulatory innovation: Regulatory positioning system — intelligent compliance

KPMG Learning & Development: The
skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are central to our success.
That’s why we’re fully committed to developing a continuous learning culture –
one where every experience adds to your professional confidence and builds your
individual career capital. 

Through state-of-the-art technologies and alliances with third-party
resources, you’ll be given the opportunity – and the encouragement – to expand
your business knowledge and receive additional support, whenever and wherever
you need it. Our KPMG Business School offers access to the latest technical,
business and leadership skill development. And even when you’re not at a desk,
there will always be a chance to learn: the assignments you work on – as well
as the talented people you work with – will be yet another base for

From the moment you join us, you’ll have a personal development plan
tailored to your individual needs and ambitions. Incorporating a powerful
combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, industry secondments
and skill-building programs. And when you reach key milestones – like becoming
a new manager – we’ll make it a priority to celebrate your achievement and give
you the tools you need to grow in the next phase of your career.

Life at KPMG: The 'culture' of an
organisation can be difficult to define. Still, it's a vital consideration in
making a career choice.

Ask people who already work for us what sets KPMG in Vietnam apart from
other professional service firms and most will tell you the same thing: it's
our open and friendly culture.

What do we mean by open and friendly? Well, it's about being open-minded in
exploring and sharing new ideas.

It's about understanding that people develop their careers at their own pace
and according to their own priorities. It's about being open to the world
around us - we don't expect our people's daily lives to start and finish within
the four walls of a KPMG office. Indeed, we encourage our people to get out and
get involved. We believe that successful careers come from balancing our
people's work time with their family responsibilities as well as an active
involvement in a range of social and community activities.

It's about open, honest and friendly communication, both with our

Career Progression: Whether your ambition
is to make Partner, become a deep technical expert, work in industry or pursue
a long-term assignment abroad, we will give you the tools you need to achieve
your potential. 

Our career support and learning environment will enable you to explore a
multitude of career paths and opportunities. And you can always talk to a
mentor or career coach about your ambitions or connect with your performance
manager about your goals and how best to achieve them. 

A lot of our people have long and successful careers at KPMG. Others use the
skills, experience and business knowledge they develop here to go on and do
amazing things outside our organization. Whatever direction your career goes,
your time here will be great for your résumé. And wherever life takes you,
you’ll always be part of a powerful and influential network.

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